About A Look at Learning

A Look at Learning (A.L.L.) is designed to build instructional leadership and teacher efficacy. It supports effective implementation of English Language Development (ELD) and Specially Designed Academic Instruction in English (SDAIE) in the content areas. A Look at Learning professional development has extensive tools, facilitator guides and video resources aligned to California Standards for the Teaching Profession that address effective instruction in four focus areas: Learning Environment, Planning, Applying Best Teaching and Learning Strategies, and Using Assessment for Differentiation.

You can read more about the program by visiting the main site at www.alookatlearning.org.

The A Look at Learning Team

  • Project Lead - Yee Wan, Ed.D., A.L.L. Project Lead and Director of Multilingual Education Services at SCCOE

    Dr. Wan has held this position since joining the County Office in June of 1998. She has been an advocate for English learners for over two decades. From 2011through 2014, Dr. Wan is an Executive Board member of the National Association for Bilingual Education. She has authored and co-authored several resource materials, including A Look at Learning: Guide to Observation of ELD and SDAIE Settings. Dr. Wan holds a Doctor of Education with a major in International and Multicultural Education and a minor in Organization and Leadership from the University of San Francisco.

  • Project Specialist - Sylvia Solís, M.A.

    Sylvia Solís is the A Look at Learning Project Specialist; she has been in this position since the fall of 2012. Sylvia has served at the site and district level as Academic Coach/Instructional Specialist and teacher including dual-immersion. Her areas of expertise include ELD and SDAIE strategies, data analysis, educational technology, Whole Brain Teaching, Gradual Release of Responsibility, and culturally responsive pedagogy. In addition, she has participated in several international educational projects in Oaxaca and Cuernavaca, México, and in South Korea.

  • Evaluation Lead - Irina Shacter

    Irina Shacter has been with the County Office of Education for over four years as a Research Analyst and has worked on various program evaluation and research projects including early childhood education, curricula, enrollment, retention, staffing patterns, instructional strategies, program vitality and evaluation, teacher professional development in math and science, and community characteristics and student achievement. Irina earned a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from San José State University.

  • Contributors to Curriculum Development
    • Erin Vidal

    • Denise Giacomini

    • Bonnie Jacobsen

      Bonnie Jacobsen was an elementary school teacher for 30 years in Title I schools and an English teacher in Vietnamese refugee camps in Hong Kong for 2 years. Additionally she serves as a BTSA coach Supervisor for student teachers at San José State University. She is currently a consultant for A.L.L.

    • Carol Tanton

      Carol Tanton has been serving second language learners as a teacher, site administrator, and district administrator primarily in the Alum Rock Union School District, in East San José for 35 years. Ms. Tanton currently serves as an educational consultant with the Santa Clara County Office of Education Multilingual Education Services. Her primary responsibility has been with the A Look at Learning system, and she was one of the principal writers during the revisions development.

    • Janet Welch

      Janet Welch has worked with the Santa Clara County Office of Education Multilingual Programs department as an Educational Consultant since January 2007. She has served primarily as an editor and consultant in the development of professional development approaches and products for use with English learner teachers across the state. Ms. Welch was a founding member of the A Look at Learning system team. As an English teacher and administrator in San José Unified, Franklin McKinley, Moreland and Pájaro Valley Unified School districts, she focused on providing support for all students based on their identified needs.

  • Media
    • Ernie Pacleb

      Ernie Pacleb is a Graphic Designer for the Santa Clara County Office of Education. As part of the SCCOE's Digital Design & Media Services, he provides graphic support to all departments of the SCCOE. With a Bachelor of Science degree in Graphic Design from San José State University, he has experience in all phases of print and multi-media design.

    • Jeremy Smith

      Jeremy Smith is the Video Editing Specialist at the Santa Clara County Office of Education. He specializes in delivering multimedia from the conceptual stage to the production and delivery process, including shooting, editing, motion graphics, and web delivery technologies. He has been with the SCCOE for over 12 years and produced the first A.L.L. video in 2008. He graduated from Oklahoma State University with a Bachelors degree in Journalism and Broadcasting, and previously worked with the International Fire Service Training Association and Fire Service Training producing safety and training materials for firefighters and emergency responders.

    • Lindsey Wong

      Lindsey Wong is the Television Operations Coordinator at the Santa Clara County Office of Education, which involves many aspects of multi-media production, such as in-studio and remote location video productions, video editing and live video streaming. With a Bachelor of Arts degree in Radio-Television and Film from San José State University, Lindsey came from Mountain View Community TV to the SCCOE and truly enjoys telling the story of local education and how we can affect our children’s futures.

  • Administrative Assistants
    • Patricia Ho
    • Maria Scalia
  • Collaborators
    • The Sobrato Family Foundation
    • San José State University